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Scotland has a population of just over 5 million however it is claimed that there are up to 60 million Scots and their descendents worldwide. Despite its size Scotland has some world renowned exports – Whisky being undeniably the most famous, followed by tartan. The global popularity of tartan and the kilt is phenomenal. A Scotsman in a kilt turns heads all over the world but what of the Scotswoman?

Time for a fresh approach! Joyce Young ’s Tartan Collection brings wearing tartan for women into the 21st Century. This is a modern, elegant and new concept which uses tartan for all occasions in contemporary design with a traditional heritage. A collection that is Modern, Scottish, and Stylish with International Appeal.

Following on from the popularity of Joyce’s Tartan wedding collection which was launched on the catwalk in 2003 Joyce Young’s Tartan Spirit Collection of accessories was launched to great acclaim in January 2006 at the Scottish International Trade Exhibition. In February 2006 Joyce won two awards with the collection at the British Female Inventors and Innovators awards ceremony in Guildhall. One award for exceptional creativity sponsored by the DTI and the second a special judges award.

The fashion collection has been showcased on the Dressed to Kilt catwalk in New York and Los Angeles with celebrities such as Alanna and Kimberley Stewart photographed wearing the outfits. Sean Connery and Donald Trump have both been guests of honour at Dressed to Kilt.

Real Tartan Weddings

We have had the pleasure of dressing lots of brides from all over the world in tartan. In this section we have a gallery of images from some of their weddings. We hope you enjoy clicking through some real life Scottish Weddings.


A Tartan themed wedding is spectacular. Scots girls worldwide can get married making a real statement in a wedding dress from the Joyce Young Tartan Couture Collection which teams up with the groom’s kilt. Add in coordinating bridesmaids and mothers and the colourful combination is stunning, Scottish and Unique.

You don’t even have to be Scottish, it’s a great look, and most people can find a Scottish connection somewhere in their family tree. You can choose your dress from a wide selection of styles incorporating just a subtle touch of tartan or be totally outrageous in head to toe tartan. We have been specialising in Scottish weddings for many years and can theme your unique day from dresses to venues. Tartan weddings by Joyce Young are original, stylish and lots of fun!

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tartan wedding dress
"It's nearly 4 weeks since our wedding and not a day goes by that someone doesn't say 'I saw some photos of your beautiful dress'. I absolutely love the dress. The wedding was perfect and whilst it's always good when the bride is the star of the show but at our wedding, the dress was the star of the show and even got a round of applause from the band at the end of the night. Thank you again for making me the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life."


tartan wedding dress
tartan wedding dress
mother of the bride tartan dress


Tartan is appropriate for any occasion worldwide and will take you anywhere. Many of our mothers of the bride and groom want to wear some tartan in their outfits when going to weddings overseas. It’s a colourful patriotic look especially when their partner is wearing a kilt. People all over the world love tartan and our customers come back with stories of how much they were admired. Of course you don’t have to leave the country to wear tartan!

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tartan dress with waterfall in background

Special Occasion Wear

Tartan can be incorporated into very different styles. When thinking tartan we think out of the box. Think embroidery, think pleating, think whereever your imagination takes you.

The cloth is not limited to kilts and tradition. We like to look at tartan as a cloth with provenance, a long story and history but not with any limitations from the past. It can be serious or fun (we like a bit of quirkyness). It all depends on the occasion and the wearer.

Tweed and Daywear

Alongside wool Tartan as our national cloth we have Harris Tweed. We love to combine the two cloths together for a Scottish but feminine look. There are now some softer qualities in Harris Tweed which translate well into womenswear.

Traditionally Harris Tweed is quite course but these new softer qualities with their stunning colours of the Scottish landscape translate beautifully into our contemporary daywear. These designs are all bespoke and made individually with your own tartan. This photoshoot was in February at the Carrick on Loch Lomond photographed by James Devlin it captures the colours of the Scottish landscape on a typically stormy winter's day.

woman standing with blue tartan scarf
woman standing at building with blue tartan
woman standing in front of wall with tartan dress
Joyce Young tartan accessories


Tartan accessories are a perfect way to add a bit of Scottishness to a plain outfit. Perfect for going to a St Andrew’s night or Burns night when you don’t want to buy a new outfit add a corsage, scarf or stole, bag or tartan thistle. Take a look at our Tartan Spirit accessories available to buy online.

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